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Every product of our brand comprises of ayurvedic ingredients but the USP (Unique Selling Point) of Nimbarka is NEEM. There are many other brands in the world which use neem as their key ingredient, but we believe in retaining the purest quality of Neem extracts through which we get the best possible use of its medicinal properties. All the neem compounds used in our products are prepared under our own supervision, successfully passing through different scientific criteria and tests.

In ancient times, our forefathers used to consider Neem tree as a CURE for every single problem, most of the people planted Neem trees in their homes. Different parts of the tree were used to cure different issues like skin ailments, injuries, digestion issues, cleaning purpose, pesticides for crops and many other daily life problems. But in today’s modern era people are heading towards urban lifestyle neglecting their health.

According to WHO, 60% of related factors to individual health and quality of life are correlated to lifestyle. Millions of people follow an unhealthy lifestyle, hence they encounter illness, disability, psychological and many other health related issues. To tackle all the above mentioned challenges, we have taken an initiative to become the “NEEM TREE OF 21st CENTURY” through NIMBARKA. We aim at providing a healthier and quality life for everyone by manufacturing products based on one of the nature’s greatest gifts "neem".

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Nimbarka comprises of two words i.e. NIMB refers to the Neem tree and ARKA refers to the SUN. Sun is the ultimate form of energy for our planet Earth and Neem (Azadirachta indica) is one of the most important plant form in Ayurveda since ancient times of India.
'Nimbarka' means the one who puts the Sun amidst the Neem Tree & justifying the Gyst we designed a brand mark showing the Neem leaf in the shape of 'N' and the circular form depicting the Sun. Nimbarka is having a mission to nourish lives, the natural way.
Neem based products have been used in India for over two millennia because of their anthelmintic, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antidiabetic, contraceptive ,sedative etc properties. NIMBARKA is an Indian company founded by Jarnail Singh Banwait, based in Mohali, India. It produces personal care, beauty care products which include ayurvedic ingredients.
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