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Nimbarka is a brand that resonates with quality as a class as it ensures that the purest form of neem is bestowed in its products. This is majorly with the aim of providing the best variety of pure beauty product range for ensuring customer satisfaction and effectiveness. However, there is much more to this brand than just its wonderful product range.
Nimbarka allows its customers to build a community within themselves through its carefully crafted affiliate program. With this affiliate program, you can invite your friends, relatives, and loved ones to register with Nimbarka and buy our exclusive products. Once registered, with every Nimbarka product purchase that your invitee does, you will gather credit points worth the purchase amount on your Nimbarka account. You can redeem the gathered points in the form of a “Nimbarka gift card”, which you in turn can use to buy our products. So, grab this exciting opportunity and enroll to our affiliate program, and start gathering your points for your next Nimbarka gift card. Don’t forget, your invitee should register on Nimbarka!
Step 1

Register With Us

Register on Nimbarka's website as a customer. And go to myaccount section and find "Become An Affiliate Program" tab.

Step 2

Send Invities

Start sending invites to different people to join Nimbarka.

Step 3

Earn Rewards

Earn rewards once your invited members start making purchases on Nimbarka’s website.