Neem is not just a plant, but it is a medicine, which is beneficial for us in a number of ways. Nimbarka offers products made of neem based on Ayurveda crafted with a blend of modern technology. It comprises of a wide range of products like face wash, shampoo, scrub, hand wash, moisturizer, face pack etc. All are very effective with no side effects and easily available in the market.

Benefits of neem: Neem is very beneficial for every part of our body like hair, skin, immunity, etc.

Neem for hair: Neem is very necessary to make your hair long, thick and strong. If you want long and strong hair then the use of neem leaves proves very effective. Neem strengthens hair follicles, due to which the roots of the hair are not weakened.

Neem for skin: Neem is very beneficial for your skin, its leaves are found to have anti-bacterial properties which removes skin problems like acne, itching, irritation etc.

Immune system strength: Neem also has antimicrobial and antiviral properties along with antioxidants. So it proves to be very effective in increasing and strengthening the immunity of our body.

Improves Digestion: Neem improves digestion by making liver healthy, so that the body remains fit and healthy.

Burn relief: if any part of the body gets burnt due to cooking or any other reason, neem ground leaves and neem cream are very beneficial.

Helpful in ear and toothache Neem oil is beneficial if you are suffering from ear and toothache.

Other uses Dry leaves of neem are insect repellent as they are kept inside linen cupboards and books and its tree is a powerful insect repellent. Neem does not kill insects directly, but is very helpful in reducing the damage of insects in crops. It purifies the atmosphere around us and provides a healthy and happy atmosphere.

Along with the remaining parts of neem, its fruits and flowers are also very important, it is mostly used in medicines. Neem has many other qualities due to which it has become a very essential and unbreakable part for us.